CNC Swiss – What Machine to Buy

CNC Swiss Hanwha XD20HThese are 5 machine makes that I think make up a good representation of what is available for CNC Swiss machining. They are Citizen, Hanwha, Star, Tornos and Tsugami. These are not the only makes out there, but they are all top machines and are supported well. If you are a first time buyer and do not have a lot of swiss machining or CNC experience, you will definitely want to look at the support group you will be dealing with.

Early on, when I was buying CNC Swiss, I felt best staying with one maker, but as we gained more experience with the constant pressure of needing to be ready for anything, we now have different makes of machines.

We found that some machine makes are better suited for certain applications. Some are better for ID work, some for long tight OD turning, and some will produce faster cycles on certain parts. We also learned that you do not need every machine with all the bells and whistles to get the perfect result.

Do your research, understand your customers as best you can, always get 2 or 3 quotes, and don’t be afraid to ask for better pricing.  Our customers always do.