CNC Machining – Making Coke Machine Parts

CNC Machining

CNC MachiningCNC machining is an important form of manufacturing in the modern world. The thing is, most people don’t exactly think of it as exciting. CNC Machining revolutionized the machining world. With CNC we have the ability to make complex parts that are necessary for many technological advances in the world around us. When a shipment of parts goes out to a customer, a lot of times we don’t know where it will end up. But when we do know, we get a greater sense of pride for our contribution to the world of manufacturing. It’s not always exciting to talk about with your friends and family, but we love what we do.

When I was a little kid, I couldn’t wait for my dad to come home from work, so I could ask him what he made that day. More often than not, he would tell me he made coke machine parts. Imagine the pride I felt everytime I got a coke out of one of those big red machines. I would think, “My dad made parts for that. Cool.”

Fast forward a few years to when I was finally old enough to go to work with him, from sweeping floors, to cutting stock, to tapping parts on an old South Bend Lathe. I asked dad what the parts were going to go to. He told me they were Pepsi machine parts. Jackpot – I had the coolest summer job in the world. As the summer wore on I learned that my dad was making some really cool parts, although none of them ever went into a coke machine.

So now after working for J&D Machine for almost 23 years, It is really cool to find out where your parts actually go. Last summer it was parts for the worlds fastest sailboat and parts for a gas sniffing device that will hopefully save lives. Really neat stuff. When my kids ask me what I make at work, I tell them every small detail. It’s fun to watch their eyes glaze over as you explain the last plus or minus one tenth job you did. Maybe in the future I should just tell them what my dad told me. I make coke machine parts. ‘Nuff Said.


Willis Hyslop is the lead machinist at J&D Machine since 1990. He can be contacted through our facebook page at