Our CNC Machining Capabilities

Milling at J&D Machine

CNC Machining Company J&D Machine was founded in 1984 as a CNC Swiss Screw machine company. J&D Machine has been manufacturing precision turned components, 1.5 inches in diameter or less for over thirty years.

J&D Machine takes pride in providing competitive pricing, quality and on-time delivery. Our commitment is to support the customer from initial contact to delivery.

Over the years, J&D Machine has worked with companies from a variety of fields, which include; RF components, fiber optics, medical, aerospace, liquid level switch components and more.

Our Facilities

We incorporate state of the art equipment in our CNC Machining Facilities, a 4000 square feet of manufacturing space at 728 E. Industrial Park Drive Unit #4, #5 & #6. We practice Lights-Out Machining as well as Multi-Process Machining. We do broaching, turning, OD/ID threading, tapping, thread milling and thread rolling.

  • CNC Machines

    1 Citizen L32 Type VIII
    1 Citizen A20 Type VII
    2 Citizen L20 Type VII
    2 Hanwha SL12H
    1 Nexturn SA-38
    1 Tsugami BX12
    1 Wasino LG7 Gang Tool Machine

  • Manual Machines

    1 Bridgeport Milling Machine
    1 Hand Screw Machine

  • Our inspection and cleaning systems include:

    CNC Machining Inspection Quality Section

    1 Mitutoyo Tool Maker Microscope
    2 J & L Comparitor

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