CNC Machining – A Small Part of a Big Deal

SalirocketIn CNC Machining, every once in a while a job comes along that’s not the most profitable or the longest running order, but that is just kind of neat. That happened to us recently. A customer of ours with a parent company in England contacted us about doing a rush order for the Sailrocket Team. Not knowing anything about Sailrocket, I looked them up on the internet and found out they are a team of sail boat racers trying to set a new sailing speed record. That was cool enough for us to say yes to the project.

We received the drawings on Tuesday evening, and completed the orders to be shipped out Wednesday morning. There were 2 parts, and just a few of each, made with 304 stainless on the Nexturn SA-38. The parts weren’t super complex, just a few parts that they needed in a rush to meet their deadline. The idea that we were a part of something big, and that we are somehow connected to a team that sets a world sailing speed record, was worth the extra effort. A job like this is a big part of what makes CNC machining exciting. We will be following them at